On this page you will find audio- and video examples from a selection of my work, to give you an idea of what you can expect from me.

Client Portfolio

  • Backbeat
  • BarbAros
  • HusAar
  • Kor72
  • The Pacific Coast Highwaymen
  • WondAros

The Barbershop Style

When it comes to arranging in the barbershop style, there are a lot of different approaches and directions to go in; classic, homophonic four-part harmony, or maybe the more modern style of arranging with embellishments, polypony and spicy chords? No matter which style you prefer, I always make sure to repect the original composition, as well as your style of choice.

“A Drink on the House”: Arranger, producer, film & edit

“A Drink on the House”, original song

“O Holy Night”: Arranger, producer, film & edit

“O Holy Night”, arranged for barbershop

“Jeg sætter min hat som jeg vil”: Arranger, producer, film & edit

“Jeg sætter min hat som jeg vil”, performed by HusAar

“Æselsangen”: Arranger & video edit

“Æselsangen”, performed by HusAar