Part Of Your World
O Holy Night
What I Want Is A Proper Cup Of Coffee
A Drink On The House
SongVoice typeComposerSuitable for contestTempo/typeAvailability
“A Drink On The House”TTBBSøren DetlefsenYesUptempo
“After Today”TTBBYesUptempo
“Breaking Free” SATBYesBallad
“Den himmelblå”TTBBShubiduaNoChristmasN/A
“Du som har tændt millioner af stjerner”TTBBNoBalladN/A
“Højt fra træets grønne top”TTBBNoChristmas
“Jeg sætter min hat som jeg vil”TTBBBent Fabicious BjerreNoUptempoN/A
“Ka’ du se, hva’ jeg sa'”TTBBNoUptempoN/A
“Leave the Door Open”SATBYesBalladN/A
“Maria” (West Side Story)TTBBYesBalladN/A
“Musens sang”TTBBKai Normann AndersenNoBalladN/A
“Nobody Else But You”TTBBYesBallad
“O Holy Night”TTBBNoChristmas
“Part of Your World”SSAAYesBallad
“Septembers himmel er så blå”TTBBNoBalladN/A
“Stick to the Status Quo”SATBYesUptempo
“Så sødt som i gamle dage”TTBBKai Normann AndersenNoUptempoN/A
“Thousands of Vendings”TTBBDe NattergaleNoChristmasN/A
“Wonder of Wonders”TTBBTim ChristensenNoBalladN/A
“What I Want Is a Proper Cup of Coffee”TTBBNoUptempo
“Ølhunden glammer”TTBBNoUptempoN/A
N/A means unpublished and therefore not available at this moment